We are constantly adding properties to our portfolio and on many occasions we have either LET or SOLD them before we even get chance to add them to our website.

If there are no properties in your desired location listed here then please contact our office today to enquire.



Who Are BNR Property Services?

BnR Property Services provide a high level of service and advice, with how to sell your property.  Gaining the best possible results and rewards using our professional skills and marketing services for property sales, to fully advertise and market your property to the potential buyers.

BNR has great coverage to all the major property portals to fully market and  advertise your property to reach 97% of the UK market.  With our Property Sales Team fully focused gaining those interested buyers to view your property.

It could not be easier with BnR Property Services, between the Property Sales Team we have 30 years advanced experience with Property Sales.  We support you every step of the way.  Updating you with advice and guidance about your property for sale.

In recent years the market has changed, our main source of enquiry or interest is now found on the internet from the potential buyer,  where it has been proven 93% of customers view the Internet for Property Sales and Property Rentals.

This has changed remarkably from visiting the various local High Street Estate Agents.  We have kept up with these new trends, to keep our business at the front of the market.  Which has also decreased costs of the running services we supply, to benefits you the Customer.

If you are wanting to sell your property Yourself and deal with the potential buyers directly, first view our guide of Seller FAQs and take advantage of our DIY Advertise service for property sales.


Pay a one off advertising fee and no more to sell your property!

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Why choose us?

BNR Property Services have devised a guide to help you with any questions you may have about selling your property with us from the legislation to the final points of the sale.

We send all the offers through to you to consider, it is up to you as the Owner which offer you are wanting to accept, we will do all the negotiating for you.

We are always here to assist you if you need to contact us.

Sellers FAQ's

Are you looking at selling your property?

If you’re planning on selling your home, you must provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).   Before we can assist you with our service or advertise your property for sale.

We provide within our service a free valuation of your property you are wanting to sell.  We at BNR check the market for similar properties that have recently sold in your area with the going rates.  We bring our reports with us to your Free Appraisal appointment.

We advertise your property to over 97% of the UK, to gain the best possible interest from potential buyers to sell your property. We have a dedicated team who push the advertising to the potential buyers all over the UK.

Take a look at the search engines to see who comes up first when you are wanting to buy a property. We are listed with all these search engines and providers to give you the added advertising and marketing experience. We have dedicated for sale boards for the passers by and market in all local listed advertising in your area.